What is Marketing Collateral?

Understanding marketing collateral.

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What is Marketing Collateral?

Broadly speaking, marketing collateral is defined as a collection of media used to educate prospects and customers about how their challenges can be solved (needs can be met), thereby delivering actionable value and ensuring that it occupies top-of-mind real estate. It is created by the marketing team and is usually given away for free, as the value you get from sharing it is considered to be greater than the intrinsic value of the collateral itself.

Traditionally, this media was referred to as physical items (such as printed brochures, or product data sheets) and handed over to clients or placed in locations that clients could access. Today, it can just as easily be applied to digital material (such as videos, podcasts, websites, etc.) as well. Customers are exposed to or have access to this media via multiple channels, and for the first time are now actively seeking this information, thereby making marketing collateral more important than ever before.

With the easy availability of cutting edge tools, it’s easier than ever for teams to generate high-quality marketing collateral in short periods of time, resulting in what one might consider the golden age for marketing collateral.

Every company markets itself. Sometimes, in ways that we don’t consciously realize it – for example a billboard that screams its offer to us or in the form of emails and text messages that we become acutely aware of. Whether it is a media advertisement or a podcast or a website that you designed, marketing collateral must be created to represent your brand in front of the customer. Even a simple email welcoming your customers onboard is a piece of marketing collateral. If you’re not personalizing it, your customers are unlikely to warm up to your product/service.

Producing Engaging Marketing Collateral is a Concern

There is no doubt that marketing collateral can help a company grow revenues. Every company is jostling around for consumer attention in a crowded marketplace and amazingly enough, attention spans are coming down all the time.

“The attention economy is not growing, which means we have to grab attention that someone else has today” – Brent Leary, Owner, CRM Essentials.

According to Zazzle Media’s “The State of Content Marketing Survey 2017,” 65% businesses find it a challenge to produce engaging content, while 60% said they could not produce content consistently. What was further disconcerting was that only 6% marketers said they knew the best practices of marketing collateral, which means the rest 94% didn’t know about it.



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What is Marketing Collateral?


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