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Paperflite accelerates sales cycles by streaming the most appropriate content from marketing to sales in real-time

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Paperflite is a mobile-first sales enablement platform. It helps curate content from marketing and lines up the most appropriate assets in real-time to your sales teams, enabling them deliver the perfect pitch to your prospects.

How it works

Paperflite has three modules tightly integrated to make the sales process truly seamless. Here's how they work together to eliminate the often painful gaps between marketing, sales and prospects.

Online publisher

Publish streams of content curated from enterprise-wide marketing teams to sales reps and account executives in just a click!

Paperflite app

Subscribe to favorite streams to view the latest and relevant content. Our analytics engine helps you choose the best-rated asset to help drive your sales discussions


Instantly create personalized and branded micro-sites pre-loaded with content to share with your customers.

Everything you'll need - the full 360° cycle

Auto content curation

Publish and distribute sales materials to users across geographies through customized streams

Reduce content overdose by allowing reps to subscribe to streams of choice that air relevant content

Science for sales

Follow best rated collaterals that your peers use to close sales deals

Get deep insights that can help you navigate buyer journeys - view patterns, downloads, shares

Present in style

Create folios (storyboards) straight from the app. From presentations to videos, professionally access all the sales materials you need to showcase without sifting through multiple folders and emails

Engage your prospects with contextual conversations to maximize sales outcomes.

Share sharply

Create instant micro-sites preloaded with content to share with your prospects. Our analytical engine tracks how buyers interact with your content.

Make the right content available; sorted and structured so your customers have an exclusive singular console to view all the sales content from your meetings with them

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