What is

Cleverstory is an interactive content creation software* built for marketers who don’t want their names attached to boring documents.

Goodbye moondane content.

It’s built for you if you believe in a world beyond PDFs and want your content to shine bright like starlight in your prospect’s universe. All while also getting insights of how they consume it.

*No prior coding, design, or spacewalking skills needed.

Why interactive

Your prospects go through 749 never-ending marketing documents every year. Completely made-up number, but the exhaustion is real.

Your content needs to stand out if you want to get into your prospect’s orbit.

And that is where interactive content comes in.

Successful marketers who deploy
interactive content experiences see

Successful marketers
who deploy interactive
content experiences see


Increase in


Increase in
time spent


Increase in
click through

The world runs on stories.
Build yours on Cleverstory.

Star - studded


Swipe away to discover the interactive experiences that made it to our wall of fame. From sales decks and reports to whitepapers and blog posts, if it’s written in the stars, you can build it in Cleverstory!

The world runs on stories.
Build yours on Cleverstory.

Ofcourse it's
a 'pretty deck'

Pretty enticing, pretty personalized, and abso-freakin-lutely pretty interactive.

Cleverstory helps you replace stale legacy content with an experience so celestial that your prospects would want more of it!

Creative doesn't
mean complicated

If you can build a presentation, you can build on Cleverstory.

Start from a blank canvas or swipe an existing template - drag, drop, and it’s ready for liftoff! No additional design or dev support needed. 


Content that shapeshifts to fit into any channel.

Email campaigns, sales decks, website embeds, self-serve onboarding guide - you name it and Cleverstory shall be it.

Insights that
steer action

Stay on top of engagement metrics and prioritize timely action for prospects.

From what content drives results to who the anonymous astronaut reading your content is, all the insights you need are a meteorite’s throw away.