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Bring content to where your sellers live

Paperflite enables your sales teams to share multiple content pieces right from the comfort of their inbox be it Gmail, Outlook or directly from Paperflite. Ditch those bulky attachments and send content via Paperflite,

Choose compelling call to action buttons to gently nudge your viewers to engage with your content.

Bring content to where sellers live

Quick Links. Anywhere. Anytime.

Want to share a collection of content via WhatsApp, iMessage or Sales Navigator?

Generate a quick link with all the secured controls you need and share via any channel without hassle.

From gating emails through password protection, your content story board is now ultra-secure.

Quick Links

Paperflite Chrome Extension - Work Smartly

Paperflite’s Chrome extension sits on your browser making it an essential part of your work life. Drag and drop content right from your browser. Turn your web browser into a working asset - all with one-click operations.

Create links for your content seamlessly and get instant notifications every time your audience engages with content

Chrome Extention

Paperflite for Everyone.

Account executives live on CRM’s. Inside sales rep’s on prospecting tools. Customer success teams on software messaging tools. Paperflite lives everywhere.

Paperflite’s integration with all the industry leading tools allows users to share and track content right from within the tools that they work on every day without shifting gears.

Your content on auto pilot.

Paperflite For Everyone

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