Bring the Netflix experience
to your sellers

Intelligence you need to make your content easily findable


Good bye to stale, static content repositories

Paperflite brings the best of both – structured content streams and intelligent content recommendations to give your sales reps a personalized content library that is unique to each seller.

Spotlight new content, keep them up to date with freshly added content and let them see what their colleagues find most useful, all in one single view.

No More Returning Stale

Let sellers spend time selling not searching.

Paperflite’s proprietary SmartSearch algorithm brings the power of Google search and Amazon filters in one to help sellers find the best-fit content without sifting through folders.

With over 30 different indices to scour from titles, tags, categories, in-content through path, Paperflite’s contextual search gets the right combination of AI powered results to allows sales reps to choose content that accurately meets their need.

Global Search

No more mass content notifications

Whether your sellers are organized by territories or products or services they sell, Paperflite allows administrators to manage granular content access so only the relevant content is available for specific user groups without overloading them with all your content.

A dedicated notification center allows reps to choose their communication preferences for content updates including new version of documents or newly added content to their favorite channels.


AI driven Content Recommendations

Powered by machine learning, Paperflite recommends the most effective content tailored to the reps based on a number of factors including their content consumption patterns, what content top performing sellers in similar situations used, content that helps close deals.

Content Recommendation

Multiple Sources. One Single Library.

Paperflite connects with all your content storage platforms such as SharePoint and Google Drive in a single click so you can import or keep your content in sync all the time.

Our In-App editor capabilities allows sales reps to make edits and customizations to a master template from within Paperflite to share with their prospects without ever leaving the platform

Multiple Sources

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