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Our sales team were blind, once sending a piece of content.

We now have granular information about every single piece of content being sent. How the lead is engaging with it, and what pages are of most interest.

This allows our team to tailor their follow-up and leads to better sales outcomes. Our sales team couldn't be happier!


Marketing Manager


Perfect for Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and Channel Partners

Content Curation & Discovery

No more playing peekaboo with your content

Finding your soulmate is a task. Finding the right content shouldn’t be. 

Paperflite’s content curation capabilities and powerful search system ensure your marketing and sales content is well organized and easily discoverable - complete with personalized content recommendations. 

Your marketing and sales teams no longer have to spend hours fishing for the right content, because fishing can be reserved just for the weekend, amirite?  .

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Content Discovery

Personalization & Storyboards

The days of touting {First Name} as personalisation are over

Finding the right content is just the beginning. Exceptional brands deliver exceptional personalized content experiences and stand out from the crowd.

Paperfilte helps you create exceptional personalized content in the form of storyboards that you can share with your audience and track their engagement - in real time!

Share multiple content pieces in a single view: PPTs, PDFs, videos, and the whole nine yards.


story boards

Content Distribution - Internal & External

Secure content distribution across teams and buyers

No two team members have the same responsibility. Then why push the same content to everyone?

Create internal user groups so your team has access only to the content that's relevant to them.

Go one step further and activate Super Saiyan mode for your team by giving them the power to set passwords and expiry dates to the content they share externally with prospects.

Start sharing content

Content Distribution - Paperflite

Content & User Engagement Analytics

See what content clicks and what doesn't

Quick round of Have You Ever:

Have you ever felt like the content you share with prospects disappear into a black hole? And your reps have no choice but to cross their fingers in prayer to hear back a response?

If your answer is yes, it's time to take control of your sales conversations and know exactly what happens after you hit send.

Paperflite instantly notifies you when your leads engage with your content and how. This way, know which leads to nurture and which ones probably don't fit the bil


Content Analytics and Intelligence - Paperflite

Paperflite integrates with your favorite tools in the market

Paperflite integrates with email systems, CRMs, Marketing automation platforms and more

Here’s what our customers have to say

Don’t just take our word for it!

We at Freshworks constantly strive to add value in every conversation with prospects & customers. Paperflite lets us organize our marketing collaterals so our sales teams can easily find what they're looking for, and reach the right prospects at the right time.

Karthik Sathuragiri

I'm always amazed at how quickly the Paperflite staff get back to me - and in such helpful fashion. I feel like the entire experience has been customized to my needs. I can count the no. of times I've interacted with a support staff this legendary.

Katie D
Rebath Lancaster

We have found it to be a very effective sales enablement tool, allowing our centralized marketing team to share and distribute marketing collateral with over 200 consulting teams across the globe with great ease and efficacy.

Varun M

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