The Anatomy of a Spoilt Dog

January 13.2021  4 minutes


2020 - the year where we spent most of our time at home. Some of the saner life forms that kept us company other than the two-legged homo sapiens were our four-legged furry friends. So, it only seemed fit to begin 2021 with a homage to our awesome companions who helped us effortlessly sail through the year.


Inspiration comes in varying forms, shapes, and sizes. This time, ours came in the form of an eternally-hungry, floppy-eared, sixty-pound, heavily-pampered doggo! 


Well, “heavily pampered” is a weak defence for having spoilt her crazy and not being able to come to terms with it.  


But anyyyyyyway, once inspiration struck us, we thought it’d be enlightening (read fun) to dissect the traits of this doggo—and the million other doggos out there that are equally spoilt  pampered.


So brace yourself, because that’s the form this month’s feature update announcement takes - the anatomy of a spoilt dog. 


Why be basic when you can bedazzle?


Can you miss your doctor’s appointment? Absolutely. But can your baby miss her periodic spa sesh, bubble bath, haircut, and massage? Heck no. Because why be basic when you were born to bedazzle?


amirite-anatomy of a spoilt dog-paperflite feature update 2021


In the same sentiment, we’re helping you take the banners in your Collections from basic to bedazzling by introducing a brand new set of filters. These filters let you customise your banner image in varying textures and gradients.


anatomy of a spoilt dog-paperflite-2021-feature update-banner image filters


What’s more, you can also choose the highlighting gradient colour by entering the respective HEX codes or simply picking it up from the colour palette. Incorporate your prospect/customer’s branding colours and go get those boney (read brownie) points!


Always more than what meets the eye


Everybody sees the ‘aww, such a well-behaved doggy!’ act, but nobody sees are the scars (mental and physical), valuables lost to these vicious teeth, mammoth amounts of treats, and a gazillion demands to meet to successfully put on this act. 


Dear fellow human beings, DON’T let the overall facade fool you.  


Much like how you shouldn’t let your overall content metrics trick you! Which is why we’re breaking it down and giving you a clear indication. The asset consumption reporting view is now broken down into internal and external sections. 

anatomy of a spoilt dog-paperflite-2021-feature update-asset analytics-content intelligence

This way, you can easily understand which audience is giving you the spike in the asset engagement rate - is it your team/enterprise or is it the external audience?


If you like it, then you should’ve put your mark on it


Next up - Your dog fails to understand the concept of identity and claims everything as theirs. Your bed? Theirs. All your “important paperwork”? Theirs. Your shoes? Duh. Cause if it really belongs to you, you should’ve put your mark on it. 


Eliminate any such ambiguity when it comes to your Collections on Paperflite because now, you can put your prospect’s mark of identity—the logo—and truly make it their own!


anatomy of a spoilt dog-paperflite-2021-feature update-logo


All you’ve to do is go to Collections > Edit Collection > Add logo. Because it’s time to show your dog everyone who the boss is it indeed belongs to. Did we mention that you don’t really have to resize or edit the logo? Just upload the PNG version right off the internet and let Paperflite take care of the rest.


My voice, my rules


For the uninitiated, let us walk you through the endless lists of spoilt doggo voices: ‘I dare you to eat without giving me my treats’ voice, ‘I demand to be taken on a walk at once’ voice, ‘Why’re you meddling with my stuff?’ voice, ‘Don’t you dare come any closer to me’ voice, and the infamous ‘let me keep whining and give you the puppy eyes’ voice.


Who even taught them to alter the tone of their voices based on what works for them?!  


That aside, guess who also gets the power to alter things the way they want to? You, the people of Paperflite! And the case in point - font colour of the user-card in Collections. 


edit font colour_paperflite_2021 feature update


See the ‘Shared by’ part on the banner? That’s the user card. And you can now complement the new filters with a font colour that works best. Pick the colour you want based on the background image of the banner that you have chosen from the palette or simply enter the HEX code and you’re done!


anatomy of a spoilt dog-paperflite-2021-feature update


That’s the end of feature updates for this month. If you liked this, you should see what our product can do 😉


But before we leave, let us ask you again - on a scale of 1 to spoilt brat, is your dog really just “heavily pampered”?

anatomy of a spoilt dog-paperflite-2021-feature update

PS: We wish you a very happy new year and hope this year brings a lot of kitties and doggos into your life!


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