Where's Waldo?

January 22.2020  3 minutes


Decked out in his trademark red and white striped sweater and glasses, finding Waldo from the puzzle that is complete with mammoth oceans of people, spiraling buildings, and mythical beasts make it an exercise in patience and frustration, even for the most sharp-eyed fans. 


Don’t know what we are talking about?  Get your timer on and spot the elusive Mr. Waldo. 


Sketch of a crowded beach.


That got your attention?


As frustrating as it is to spot Waldo, finding the relevant sales content from within your content repository shouldn’t be this hard.


That’s why our team of engineers worked the past few weeks to make your sales content instantly findable by {Insert buzz words- Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Language Processing}


And here they are:
In-content Search:
Combing through the content, identifying intent, knowing the path where the document is stored, ranking them in order of relevance, the In-content search capability is designed to help you find the most elusive sales content that is well hidden. Where you use the spotlight search within your streams or from the global search tab, now discover with more precision the content that best serves your interest. 


Screenshot highlights the search bar that reads "which content was effective in generating sales results."



Content Categories:

How do we search that which we don’t know? Well, that’s where categories come to your rescue.  Your content administrators can associate your sales content to different categories based on buyer stage, buyer persona, geography, content type and much more so you can filter content by categories.



Screenshot highlights the categories section. The marketing leadership option is checked under the buyer persona column.


Content Tags:
We all love some freedom. Our free form tags help you add meta information over and beyond pre-defined categories to form intelligent clusters of content. Would you like to see video content that was updated in the last one week by the UK marketing team related to project sunflower? We got it.


Screenshot highlights the "all tags" section under "assets". 95 tags are mentioned in total.



Strangers, no more!

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