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In talks with Kris Hughes

December 28.2020  3 minutes


Posting content on every social media platform, every single day works for people with an extensive team dedicated just for this. 


But will it work for you?


Making you ponder on this is Kris Hughes, a content strategist with over a decade’s experience. Kris has worked in multiple domains ranging from sports to SaaS. He’s also building the Leapfrog Collective, a community for emerging professionals to build their personal brands by leveraging content.


He breaks down everything related to content strategy in the last episode of Season 1 in Cuppa Press and addresses topics such as what content strategy really means and its different phases, why a content calendar is not equal to having a content strategy, the most common reason people fail in content strategy!


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Time Stamp


2.41 - Why content calendar is not equal to content strategy and what content strategy really means for companies at various stages

4.08 - The steps to devise a content strategy

5.49 - How the steps differ for small, scrappy teams and larger teams 

7.24 - When it's time to stop leaning on freelancers and make your first full-time content hire

9.16 - The most common reason people fail to succeed in content strategy

11.24 - One thing that non-experts believe to be true when in reality it's not

13.39 - What beginners should know about content strategy

15.27 - LinkedIn, content, and leveraging personal brands on LinkedIn 

17.19 - Interesting trends in the content space post-Covid

19.06 - What success in content strategy looks like after 30-60-90-120 days

21.36 - Tools Kris cannot live without


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