How to build your marketing superhero suit - Cuppa Press

In talks with Juinn Tan

October 15.2020  3 minutes


"It's never about what we deserve. It's about what we believe." - Wonder Woman


What happens when you believe you can truly make a difference?


You become a Superhero.


Marketers are nothing short of being superheroes to the organisation and the audience they seek to serve.


So, how do you go ahead with building a marketing superhero suit for yourself?


Join us in the latest episode of Cuppa Press with Juinn Tan, the Head of Marketing at Supahands, an Olympic weightlifter, and an AI enthusiast, to learn how.


Cuppa Press is a talk-show series where experts join us as we talk about Marketing, Sales, Technology, and a lot more! Don’t forget to follow us on Youtube and Spotify if you don’t want to miss out on the upcoming episodes.








    Time Stamp 


    3.11: Why a superpower is essential for every marketer

    5.35: Most desirable superpowers

    8.15: Importance of being concise

    10.22: Hardest skill for marketers to attain (hint - it's not technical)

    14.15: Coaching your team

    18.17: Building a LEGO city

    20.20: Responsibilities that come with the power of marketing

    24.18: On believing in your product or service

    25.53: Future of marketing creatives

    29.39: Learning when to say no

    31.04: Key superpowers to build your superhero squad

    33.21: Approaching marketing with a scientific mindset


    Marketing Superhero Suit_Cuppa Press_Paperflite_Juinn Tan


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