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In talks with Synne Lindén

November 23.2020  3 minutes


As the camera started rolling, a sense of comfort settled in on her face as if to reveal she was always meant to do this; as if she was home. 


Hailing from the beautiful city of Uppsala, Sweden, Synne Lindén joined us in the recent episode of Cuppa Press.


A strong advocate of stories and creative writing, she helps brands identify cornerstones that set them apart and map out a course for content to ensure it reaches the audience in the right way.


In this episode, we explored the length and breadth of storytelling, empathy in creative writing, and creating a binge-worthy content experience for your audience. 


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Time Stamp


2.44 - Creative writing as a source of inspiration for business writing

4.44 - Significant detail in content creation

5.59 - Getting started with significant detail

7.10 - Why stories are the most powerful way of creating a true connection between a business and its customers

8.37 - How all stories cannot and should not be fit into a narrative structure

10.27 - How being vulnerable is a superpower in marketing and sales

14.02 - Identifying your voice and personality as a brand

17.21 - Making communication evocative, captivating, and interesting

19.16 - Creating a binge-worthy content experience 

21.33 - One brand that does storytelling exceptionally well


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