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5 ways Paperflite can help your team sell better (and faster!)

October 24.2017 


When you’re a B2B salesperson, you tend to accept certain “truths” –


1. A strong relationship with the customer is paramount,

2. Multiple decision-makers tend to be involved, and that

3. Sales cycles typically tend to be very long.


As a result, if you plot the interactions you have with your then-prospect-now-client, you’ll see a lot of empty periods – these were the gaps you spent trying to understand what your prospect was thinking, trying to guess whether they read your email, or went through the document you shared. These were also the days when you were kept on hold while they tried to arrange a meeting with the decision-maker – a meeting you know you could have arranged sooner if you had direct access to them.


These were problems that we faced all the time in our roles leading marketing and sales teams in the past. While we adapted and managed, we felt that there had to be a simpler way – a way that we could make the process more efficient, while still creating a unique experience for our prospects, that firmly put us at the top of their minds. 


But despite all our efforts, we couldn’t find one that fit us. All the solutions out there were clunky, complicated (for us and our prospects), and not as effective as we would have liked.


So, we decided to build it for ourselves.


Paperflite, our sales enablement platform, does everything we wanted, and more. Using our varied experience, we designed a beautiful intuitive platform that has helped us cut our sales cycles in half, and removed the guesswork involved. We can now gauge the level of interest of our prospect and engage with them at exactly the right times, making our activities much more effective and impactful. 


How do we do this? Because of the incredible feature-set we’ve built into our platform, it takes us just a few clicks now to access measurable and actionable insights, resulting in a much more informed sales team making much better decisions


Here’re just some of the key features, and how they can help you boost your sales:


1.    Centralized content repository


You know those situations, when you have your prospect with you, and you know that you have the perfect whitepaper for the occasion – one that will not only answer her question but also seal the deal – but you just can’t remember where it was? Was it attached to the email from Person A? Or did Person B send it via DropBox? Or is it on your team’s shared Drive folder? Oh, there you go, found it – but was this the latest version? Wasn’t there a memo saying to disregard the old version – were they talking about this file or the previous version?


That chaos of infinite emails and endless searching is enough to drive even the most experienced salesperson to the edge of sanity. When will the madness stop?!


Right now.


With Paperflite, you’ll never have to worry about drowning in this ocean of versions, emails and storage systems. Our platform acts as your single repository for all content. Content from all your sources is easily brought together and organized by streams that you can subscribe to. By subscribing to the relevant streams, you can be sure to get the latest content instantly. 


The coolest part? Your content is auto-updated across the platform – even at your prospect’s end! Now you’ll never have to ask them to “disregard the previous version” just because there was a typo. Your prospect will always get the latest version of the content, and you choose if you want to alert them to update or not. 


Get Granular Information About Every Content Being Sent


2.    Boost content engagement, anywhere, anytime


With Paperflite’s unique content management platform, you now have instant access to the latest content at all times, neatly organized by streams. But when interacting with the prospect, you might discover that content from various streams are needed – especially if you work across multiple industries and want to share lessons learned from one to the other. 


Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


You can select content from multiple streams, and package them into customized Collections, personalized for your prospect, and shared where they access content – either share this Collection directly via email through our app, or share it via a unique URL that can be embedded in social media, InMail, or even in an instant message. Your content can now be consumed by your prospect wherever you engage with them, making it all the more powerful. 


When shared through the app, though, you can not only personalize it but also boost engagement far more than through a regular email. This is because we don’t burden your emails with heavy attachments – instead, we share eye-catching thumbnails that give your prospects a peek into the content, and has been shown to triple click-through rates for some of our clients! Give your prospects a truly unique experience and stand out from the crowd.


3.    Real-time engagement tracking


In times past, the workings of the prospect’s mind (and organization) were like a black box – a complex system, whose inner working we could only guess too. Just think about the number of hours you’ve spent after sending out some handpicked content, designed to impress upon your prospect the value you (specifically) can add to them (specifically). You know that they’re going to read it, but when? How much time do you give them? Should you call them right now? Or maybe wait a few hours? Or a few days? 


Who knows?


Well, with Paperflite, now you do. 


Paperflite tracks how the prospect engages with your content and gives you that information in real-time. You can see exactly when the prospect accessed your content and how much time he spent on it. You can also see which pages specifically captured his interest, and what’s more, you’ll be able to track who he re-shares that content with, and also how the new leads interact with it! 


Suddenly, you have a little peep-hole that gives you insight into what the prospect is thinking – by knowing how much time he spends on your asset, you get an idea of how interested he is in your offering; knowing which page he spends the most time on tells you what his likely pain-point is; and who he re-shares the content with tells you who the other decision-makers or influencers in the organization are. 


Get Actionable Insights That Moves Sales Forward


4.    Personalized interaction


With Paperflite now, you can create a truly unique experience for your prospect. Each prospect you share content with can access it on his very own microsite, customized with your branding and contact information. This unique microsite – what we call FliteView™ – acts not just as a landing page, but also as the repository of all the content you’ve ever shared with the prospect, organized by date. What’s more, the same FliteView will also host all content shared by the other members of your team too! Your prospect now will never have to hunt through endless email conversations, looking for that specific attachment; instead, he can access his personal FliteView from any of the emails you’ve ever sent him, and instantly read any of the documents you or your team have shared.


But that’s not all.


You can also customize the FliteView your client engages with further, by creating custom landing pages for each Collection shared, tailored specifically for that prospect. Using their branding and style helps to show them you understand them and cement the rapport you’ve built with them. Truly personal, FliteView communicates both the value you provide and your understanding of their brand, all with just a few clicks.


5.    All engagement recorded by the prospect


Now, having all the data in the world isn’t going to help if it isn’t easy to access. We knew that keeping all this valuable data siloed away made no sense since salespeople need this information when they need it. As a result, we built our metrics and reports into our Rolodex, our inbuilt contacts database system. 


Pulling up your prospect’s details now also lets you see more than just their contact information. In one quick glance, you can see relevant social media information about them, as well as details of all your interactions with them – when you met with them, what content was shared, and how they engaged with that content (on a page-level, naturally). In just a few seconds, you are fully equipped with all the information regarding your interaction with the prospect.


With these 5 key features, we’ve been able to not only boost engagement with our prospects but also clearly identify where they are in the buyer’s journey and quickly convert those who are ready to buy. With the Paperflite platform, our sales process has improved considerably. By cutting out inefficiencies, and ensuring that our sales team, and those of our clients, hit targets faster, we’re more effective, and more motivated every day. 


Give us a shout if you’d like to learn more, and see how Paperflite can help empower your sales teams to close deals faster.

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