Content Discovery - Identifying within an overload

August 12.2022  3 minutes


Imagine hiring 5 people for your sales team, but only 4 show up to perform their roles because the last one is searching for content. Not very Cash Money of the process, right?


According to a McKinsey report, that’s what happens when your team ends up spending 1.8 hours every day -- 9.3 hours per week, on average -- searching and gathering information and assets.


Let’s hypothesise a bit.


Say you’re in the sales team of a company with a dearth of content. Too many existing content pieces to count, with more being churned out on the daily.


Now, say you need a specific document that you’re “pretty sure that you remember hearing about” regarding sales onboarding. Surely it’s gotta be somewhere within your CMS……right?


So here’s how anyone, especially newer team members, would logically go about it.


Step 1: Ask Manager.


Step 2: Ask the marketing team because the Manager himself isn’t too sure.


Step 3: Search for it yourself by digging through your content library.


Step 4: Waste time and energy only to assume it doesn’t exist and give up.


(Many moons later)


Step 5: Find it while looking for something else.


That’s a lot of time, effort and frustration involved for something that should be done within seconds. Here’s where ✨Content Discovery✨ comes in handy to keep things at your fingertips.


For any employee, especially the Sales folks, TIME IS MONEY.


Time wasted is revenue lost and money left on the table.


All it takes to rectify this is having a solution that helps you fish out exactly what you need even when your organisation has a sea of content available. This solution can be in the form of an intelligent content repository or service ops that are in place to optimise the process.


Having access and visibility of content whenever, wherever, and by whoever within a team needs it, solves an underlying problem that usually goes right over people’s heads and operation streamlining.


Talk to your teams and find out how content is discovered within your organisation.




Reach out to us, and we’ll show you how you can better optimise your content discovery process.

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