Make the most of your
marketing and sales
tech stack.

Keep your content, leads, and campaigns under one roof


We get it. No one likes change. That’s why we bring Paperflite and the insights it provides, right where you work everyday - your emails, CRMs, Marketing Automation Systems, Content Repositories and more.


Turbocharge your sales funnel with Paperflite’s native integrations with leading CRMs. It puts both your CRM leads and content on a single platform letting you share enterprise-wide content with anyone you want right from where you work. Now save hours from the monotonous and time-consuming data entry.

  • Hubspot


    Integrate with HubSpot to know how your prospects interact with your content.

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    Track what content your customers are browsing through with Paperflite - Pipedrive integration.

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  • Salesforce


    Get a full overview of the content you’ve shared with prospects and personalize your next conversation.

  • Freshsales


    See which content is working well with your prospects within Freshsales.

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Bridge the Gap with Live Chat

Stop waiting for prospects to get back to you. Paperflite now integrates with your favorite live messaging software so you can initiate a conversation with your prospects right when they are engaging with your content and start setting up more meetings.

  • Freshchat


    Don’t stop selling. Chat with your leads before they go cold.

  • Intercom


    Engage with your customers as soon as you send them content.

  • drift


    Follow up mails to your customers with instant conversations.



No more witch hunt to find who has the latest version of the sales brochure and where it resides. Paperflite now integrates with leading content management solutions so all you need to do is just connect your account and witness the magic as the content gets synced automatically without sifting through duplicate entries.

  • googledrive


    Using Google Drive to house your content? Never worry about distributing it with Paperflite’s integration.

  • box


    Hosting content in Box? Manage, share and track all your content easily with our Box integration.

  • dropboox


    Storing content in Dropbox? Paperflite’s integration with Dropbox lets you manage, curate, and share seamlessly.

  • Onedrive


    Get more out of your content with our OneDrive integration and share effortlessly.


Marketing Automation Systems

Why let sales have all the fun? Marketing teams can now take the power of content forward by integrating with the best marketing automation systems. Run your marketing campaigns powered by hyper-personalized content collections directly pulled from Paperflite within your campaign module and start measuring how engaged your prospects are.

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Marketing Automation System

Sales Automation Systems

Share content with clients and track it as it moves across decision makers. Paperflite’s integration with your favorite Sales Automation tools lets you streamline your sales processes, collaborate with marketing teams and close more deals on the go. Extract actionable insights from your sales campaigns and line up the next best piece of content for your clients.

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