There’s a superior road to sales

Why Paperflite is the best Showpad alternative





Two roads diverge in the tech woods and both of them lead to sales enablement. But one road’s primitive and bumpy while the other one promises an unruffled ride. Keep reading to find out why Paperflite is the road you’re more likely to choose and is the best Showpad alternative.



Intuitive isn’t just a buzzword here

At Paperflite, we put our money where our mouth is and don’t throw around buzzwords just for the heck of it. From the platform’s interface to intelligent content recommendations based on intent and consumption habits, our intuitive algorithm combines unique indexing methods, user behavioural patterns, and proprietary AI technology to deliver only the best.


Hassle-free multi-recipient tracking

If you’ve been forced to send individual emails to an endless list of people every time you want to share and track content, Paperflite is just about to become your best friend! Our multi-recipient tracking system allows you to share content with any number of people and keep track of every single one of them, all by simply hitting send once. *Chef’s kiss*

Tracking Reports

Clunky and Content Experience don’t go together

Buggy plugins, unexplainable errors, and derailment of the platform at the drop of a hat are things you won’t find at Paperflite. Oh, and “frustrating”, “archaic”, and “awful” are words our customers will never use to describe us. Because we create sophisticated content experiences not just externally—for your prospects and customers—but internally for you and your team as well

Content Experience

The perfect search engine doesn’t exis…

If your sales reps are often searching, researching, and still not finding the content they need, it’s time to give your sales enablement platform a serious facelift. Paperflite’s powerful search engine goes beyond tags and filenames and surfaces content based on search intent, so you find the perfect match in seconds.

Search Engine

Make changes even after you’ve hit send

Did you hit that send button without updating the {First Name} placeholder? Or perhaps you forgot to add the revised presentation that marketing just sent in. You now have two choices - blame it on your cat and head straight to awkwardville or make all these changes without leaving a trace. With Paperflite, you can edit, save, and auto-update that attachment even after you hit send, without leaving the platform!

Edit after sending

Paperflite is more than just a sales enablement platform. Talk to us today to learn why Paperflite is the best Showpad alternative and is the answer to all your content woes.



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