It's in the air!

Welcoming spring with 4 crisp features!

April 03.2019  3 minutes


Feel the breeze, the shimmering sun, dancing flowers, bicycle bells, and those flip-flopping butterflies - beautiful colors from every side, filling your eyes. Let’s spring it on!


We’ve been on our wheels building some fresh and exciting stuff for this spring and oh boy! We can’t wait to brag about it. 


So make way, for here we are with some super sharp features, you’ll fall in love with. 


Our very own render tech: Ever felt like fonts, imagery, content layout and colors on your powerpoint slides may have a mind of its own? Now, reasons? Different machines, browsers, display resolutions, devices, operating systems and more. What if your powerpoint slides looked pixel perfect every time, everywhere?  We just made it work.


Paperflite can now host files of  PPT, PPTX, and DOCX formats. Your clients can now scroll through your crisp presentations that render with pin-point accuracy while you enjoy the analytics for each and every slide. 


Adding hyperlinks within your document to jump from one slide to another? No problem, we've got you covered. Also, we know that you love to be resourceful, especially for your clients. This upgrade allows your users to copy text off the presentations without hassles. 


We don’t type anymore

Email templates: Shipping similar email content from multiple boxes? With the templates feature, you can now create, share and use email content and structures collaborating with your teams. No more typing every single word. Templates help keep them in order. 



Email templates are leveraged by sales folks to address repetitive situations which need a common approach. It lets you create multiple templates for various scenarios and set a template as default.


Want to make your clients feel special? Use HTML tags to design your own custom template. 


Collaboration is key. Share your templates across your organization. 


Sensitive data in a template? Make them private with a click. Privacy is important. More power to you! 


Make more videos 

Video playback speeds up by 10X:  That little donut-like loading sign? Won’t be there for long. Our engineers crushed the video processing machine to extract some unbelievable power, so you and your viewers get a seamless viewing experience. Yes. 10X. 


Even videos with sizes upwards of 250 MB load with no buffer. Performance enhancements made to our video processing engine allows for uninterrupted and seamless playback. If you have hosted your video on Youtube, we won't ask questions. This upgrade lets you showcase your Youtube videos on the personalized microsite (a.k.a the Fliteview) that your users utilize. 


Isn’t speakeasy cool?

Password-protect content: Sharing exclusive content? Set a password for every piece of content and be rest assured that your content is safe out in the wild. 



Last year we introduced 3 more ways to measure content performance with links. Generic links, anonymous links, and broad campaign specific links.


Password protect these links on asset or collection level and ensure restricted access to your content. 


Need to set your content on the clock? Using this upgrade to set an expiry date to your content and restrict access after a certain date and time.  


So long! We'll be back with some icy new updates. 




Winter is coming. 


Strangers, no more!

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