Cuppa Press - A micro talk-show series

Micro content that you can consume while sitting back and sipping your cuppa!

June 22.2020  4 minutes


We, the homo sapiens, love to talk. Storytelling has been at the heart of our civilizations and has served a critical role since the dawn of time (since we started communicating, to be precise). It spins a beautiful narrative and provides a medium to translate human experiences and emotions. In the days of yore, storytellers were the keepers of knowledge, history, and traditions in the respective communities. What's more - this practice continues even today in certain cultures. 


At Paperflite, we believe in the power of stories. We believe that the earth, although made of sand and water, is held together by the stories we live and breathe. This was the notion that gave birth to Cuppa Press, a micro talk-show series. 


Through this show, we will now expand Paperflite’s desire to celebrate your story. We want to include our family of friends and customers in this celebration, thereby building a community that thrives in togetherness.


Alright… but how exactly do we plan to do that?

Cuppa Press will feature a line-up of prominent speakers who will share their insights on a wide range of topics. These topics include content, marketing, technology, gadgets, and so forth. The episodes on this series will consist of micro-content that you can easily consume—all while sitting back and sipping your cuppa!


What will be the format and What to Expect?

Expect targeted questions, specific answers, and absolutely no fluff (maybe a wee bit) in the form of; Video Podcast | Podcast (we wanted to say audio podcast… but, that’s redundant)

All you have to do is say the word and we’ll cater to you in the chosen format. Whether you come by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home!


What is in it for me anyway?

The insights shared by speakers here are tried and tested. At the end of this series, we want you to walk away with a trove of practical knowledge. No more foraging for fool-proof methods!




Episode - Brand Storytelling for Millennials

Stories have been an imperative part of human lives since inception, and have now become an indispensable part of marketing as well. Apart from humanizing your brand, stories also have the ability to leave a powerful imprint in the minds of your audience. 


Through stories, you can make your audience laugh, cry, fume in anger, or celebrate with you. 


In this episode of Cuppa Press, Brand Storyteller Vanshika Mehta throws light on how brands can convey their story in a way that will make people, especially millennials, pause, listen, and connect with the story.

Find the video and audio podcasts below.



Spotify - Cuppa Press




Anchor Podcast - Cuppa Press





Cuppa Press is created with a lot of love, and we cannot wait for all of you to enjoy it! Watch out this space for updates on new episodes. 

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