Content as Duct Tape and more

ft. Christopher Willis & Brett McGrath

October 19.2022  4 minutes


“My Apple Watch thinks I’ve been exercising because of my heart rate”


^ Exact words said by Christopher Willis (Acrolinx) when he joined us on Cuppa Press. 

Chris and Brett McGrath (the Juice) were the perfect guests to kickstart season 2 of Cuppa Press and you’ll find out why when you see it yourself! 

A lot of tea was spilt (ever used content as duct tape for a bigger marketing problem?) and lots of laughs were shared on this episode. 

We touched upon topics such as:

  • role of content in end-to-end customer experiences, 
  • explaining commodity content and linguistic analytics engines to five year olds, 
  • using your content’s tone of voice to romance audiences into liking your service 
  • trading lives with Paul McCartney 

And that’s just scratching the surface!


Tune in to watch us put out fires, breakdown things to a five-year-old, look beyond the obvious and for better or for worse, let curiosity get the best of us. 


Never Have I Ever

This segment is a twist on the popular party game, but hopefully, nobody gets into an existential crisis here. 


In this segment, Chris and Brett were asked a couple of questions. If they’ve done the action in question, you’ll see them a sip out of their mugs. If both of them haven't, you’ll see Akshaya take a sip from hers.


If they did take a sip, the cup accompanying each question in the graphic below will become empty. And if they didn’t, well, it remains as it is. 

Timestamp: Head to 00:32 in the podcast episode to check out this segment


A gif on the performance of Chris and Brett in the Never Have I ever round of Cuppa Press by Paperflite


Curiosity Room 


In the Curiosity Room, we explore questions that are not often explored. And hopefully, here, curiosity doesn't get anyone killed - or worse, expelled.

Topics we explored in this episode:


  • Brett’s gripe with content syndication
  • Why content is a powerful medium to align marketing and sales teams
  • A common myth about content marketing that Chris wholeheartedly disagrees with
  • Are marketers settling for hacks and mediocrity over value?

Timestamp: Head to 05:29 in the podcast episode to enter the Curiosity Room

Explain Like I’m Five 

Fans of the Office know how this ends, beautiful you aren’t one of them, this philosophy forces the most complex terms be broken down into simple concepts that can be understood even by a five year old!


Brett and Chris got one marketing term each that they then explain like they would to a five year old. 

Timestamp: Head to 19:48 in the podcast episode to see how they did!


Photos of Chris Willis and Brett McGrath with their Explain Like I'm Five segment topics on Cuppa Press by Paperflite.

Rapid Fire

The final and our favourite segment of the show, Rapid Fire is where a lot more tea is spilt and shots fired. 


Timestamp: Head to 23:58 in the podcast episode to see how they did!

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