Upcoming Best Sales Enablement Conference to Attend in 2024

May 15.2024  3 minutes


Sales enablement conferences are essential for the professional growth and success of sales teams. These events offer attendees the chance to learn about the latest sales strategies, tools, and technologies directly from industry experts.


These are professionals who have experimented with and refined these methods provide firsthand insights, particularly from successful implementations at major companies like Adobe, Spotify, Canva etc.


For example, you will get to know important information with regards to the niche of sales and marketing, like how - Cisco centralizes its sales tools and training materials, making them easily accessible to sales teams, while Microsoft leverages tools like Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to provide valuable insights and analytics.


These conferences are also invaluable for networking with other professionals and potential clients, fostering business collaborations and growth.


Despite the prevalence of online gatherings on platforms like Zoom, the importance of face-to-face engagements remains unmatched.


List of Sales Enablement Conferences


There are several sales enablement conferences to look forward to in 2024 however, there are five conferences coming up that absolutely cannot be missed. 


1. Sales Enablement Summit


Sales enablement Summit


The first on this list is the Sales Enablement Summit. Organized by the Sales Enablement Collective, the Sales Enablement Summit 2024 will take place in multiple locations throughout this year. 


Provided below is the list of locations where the Summit will be held along with the dates:
            1. Las Vegas: May 22-23, 2024
            2. Atlanta: June 5-6, 2024
            3. Seattle: June 12-13, 2024
            4. San Francisco: September 4-5, 2024
            5. Boston: October 3-4, 2024
            6. Singapore: October 30, 2024
            7. Sydney: November 6-7, 2024
            8. Chicago: November 13-14, 2024
            9. Toronto: November 20-21, 2024 
            10. London: December 4-5, 2024


The mission of the Summit is to elevate the role of enablement through networking and education opportunities within a global community of shared knowledge and growth. 


Attendees can engage in discussions with a diverse network of enablement professionals who are either facing similar challenges in the industry or who have overcome them to evaluate strategies and stay ahead of the curve.


To register, visit the Sales Enablement Collective website and choose from the following registration options:


  • Individual Pass: $1095
  • Team Pass (3 or more attendees): $895 per person


2. Sales Enablement PRO Conference:


Sales enablement pro conferrence


The Sales Enablement PRO Conference, organized by Sales Enablement PRO is another event on the list of top six conferences to watch out for this year. 


The conference is well known for its comprehensive agenda that covers a wide range of topics relevant to sales enablement such as technology integration and sales coaching techniques.
Although the dates and locations for the event have not been released yet, in the previous years the conferences have been held in San Francisco and New York hence similar prominent locations are expected this year as well.


Registration fees for the upcoming conference are expected to be:

Early Bird Pass: $795
Standard Pass: $995
Group Pass (5 or more attendees): $695 per person


Keep an eye on the Sales Enablement PRO website for updates on dates, locations, and detailed registration information.


3. Gartner Sales Leader Conference:


Gartner CSO


Another sales conference on the list is the Gartner CSO and Sales Leader Conference which is scheduled to be held on May 21-22, 2024 at Las Vegas, NV. 


This conference is meant for executive sales leaders who wish to gain unique actionable insights, practical tools and innovative guidance as well as motivation to hold a leadership position among their C-suite peers. 


To join a community of senior-level sales leaders from progressive organizations all over the world, visit Gartner’s website and register online, by email (GlobalConferences@gartner.com), or by phone call(1 866 346 4148).


Here is the pricing breakdown for this conference:

Standard price: $4,000
Public-sector price: $3,325 (Eligibility for the public-sector price will be verified; proof of public-sector status will be required. Price cannot be applied retroactively. “Public sector” definition: National government, state or local government, public administration)

Group Rate Discount:
1 for 3 paid registrations
2 for 5 paid registrations
3 for 7 paid registrations
4 for 10 paid registrations


4. Sales Innovation Expo:


sales innovation


Sales Innovation Expo is another event that is highly anticipated. The event is going to take place on October 9th and 10th, 2024 at the Los Angeles Convention Centre. 


This annual event is one of the largest conferences conducted for sales professionals, focused on educating and showcasing organizations and businesses at the heart of the sales industry. 


Attendees have access to the same level of knowledge that other sales conventions charge hundreds of dollars for – except that this event is absolutely free to attend. 


There are over 120 experts speaking at this sales conference on a wide range of topics including sales engagement, data analytics, and more. 


Speakers at past Sales Innovation Expo events have included representatives from top companies like Google and Microsoft. 


Pre-registration for this event has not started yet, but keep a lookout for it on the B2B Marketing Expo website.


5. Allego S3 Convention


Allego S3


Lastly, the Allego s3 Convention is taking place from June 4th- 6th, 2024 at the Westin Boston Seaport District, sponsored by the Everest Performance Group. 


Those interested can also attend this conference virtually. Allego executives and industry influencers shall share their insights and knowledge about cutting-edge technology like AI that can be used to take enablement to new heights. 


Not only is this a great opportunity to expand your knowledge about how AI is revolutionizing enablement, but it also allows attendees to network with and learn from fellow Allego users, who are facing and in the process of solving complex revenue enablement challenges on a daily basis. 


To register, visit the Allego website and choose from the following registration options:

In Person: US$799
Group Discount: US$599 (Please select this ticket if you are registering 3+ attendees from your company for the in-person conference. This option gives you a $100 discount per person. All attendees must be registered at the same time).
Virtual Only: US$499 (Please select this ticket type to attend virtually. Note that only limited content will be available (mainly mainstage/keynotes).




To conclude, the significance of sales enablement conferences in contributing to business success, particularly the success of sales teams in organizations of all sizes across all industries, cannot be overstated. 


Sales enablement conferences are crucial for the growth and success of sales teams as they provide numerous networking opportunities, and hands-on training. 


By attending these events, sales enablement teams can stay updated on the latest industry trends which will help them refine their strategies. 


It allows them to make necessary course corrections to ensure competitiveness and efficiency in achieving their business objectives.

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