When the fortune cookie crumbles

June 08.2022  3 minutes



  • 2 large egg whites 
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ½ cup all-purpose flour
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 3 tablespoons water
  • A long list of secret messages 
  • A dab of magic and good luck ✨


Listed above are the ingredients you’ll need to bring alive the protagonist of today’s product update newsletter - the fortune cookie 🍪 


Even though several nations claim to have invented this cracker of a savoury, all I know to be true is that when this cookie crumbles, it brings along with it magical things. 


So get your baking aprons, good luck charms, and cookie-crumbling hands ready - it's time to find out what’s in store!  



Strangers no more - 6sense integration


A fotune cookie that reads "A stranger can bring great meaning to your life", hinting the 6sense integration with Paperflite


As someone in the trenches, you know how quickly a stranger can become the greatest thing to happen to your life and in this case, your revenue pipeline!


With the new Paperflite integration with 6sense, it’s possible to track the details of even anonymous visitors who consume your content through shared links


To set up the integration, log in to your Paperflite account > Settings > Integrations > 6Sense > Activate > Enter API Key (Note: Choose an account with global access)


a screenshot of 6sense integration with Paperflite, a sales enablement platform


Mend what’s broken - Outlook integration notification


A fotune cookie that reads "Mend broken friendships", hinting the Outlook integration with Paperflite


There are no lost friendships - there are only ones that need to be revived. 


Ditto for integrations that need to be revived occasionally - think password resets, authentication confirmations or even brief hellos just to keep it alive :) 


To ensure you keep the Outlook-Paperflite integration up and running at all times, you’ll be notified via email when the integration gets disconnected. 


Simply follow the instructions in the email you receive and you’ll be able to mend it right away without missing out on any data capture!


An email notification from Paperflite when Paperflite-Outlook integration gets disconnected



Do what you gotta do - External Script integration


A fortune cookie that reads "Be unapologetically you", hinting the External Javascript editor integration with Paperflite


To help you and your organisation be unapologetically yourselves, we’ve made it possible to add personalized elements in Fliteview—the viewer that prospects see when you share content assets with them—by adding custom code, thanks to the External Script integration! 


This means that you can now embed custom widgets, integrate third-party apps, and other design-based inputs in Fliteview. 


To activate this integration, log in to your Paperflite account > Settings > Integrations > External Script > Activate 


A screenshot of the external javascript editor integration on Paperflite, a sales enablement platform


Capture the happy times - Content download in CRM


A fortune cookie that reads "Don't forget to capture the happy times", hinting the External Javascript editor integration with Paperflite


People say happy times at work and you immediately think about all those times when your prospect displayed unbridled enthusiasm. That makes all of us! 


If you’ve integrated Paperflite with Salesforce, Pipedrive or HubSpot already, there’s now an easy way to capture one such event. Every time a prospect downloads the content you’ve shared,  it’ll be automatically captured in your CRM through this integration. 


To integrate your CRM with Paperflite, log in to your Paperflite account > Settings > Integrations > Choose CRM > Activate

a screenshot of automatic download content capture through the Paperflite integration with Salesforce, Pipedrive, and HubSpot

And that was the last one left in the cookie jar! 


We truly hope these integrations help you make the most of the Paperflite platform. If you need help setting these up or would like to see a feature in the future, give us a holler.


View previous feature updates here. 



Strangers, no more!

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