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July 08.2024  4 minutes


Did you know companies with a formal sales enablement function achieve a win rate 350% higher and quotas 50% higher than those without? Behind these numbers are sales enablement professionals in various roles equipping sales teams with tools, training and content for effective selling.


In this blog, we’ve compiled top resources for sales enablement professionals—managers, trainers, and reps— that we believe offer actionable insights, effective methods, and quick tips to boost your sales performance. Let's dive in!


Sales Enablement Top Resources


1. Forrester


Forrester is a renowned market research and advisory firm and resource center is a goldmine of actionable insights for businesses and professionals across the board. Their blog category dedicated to sales enablement is especially aimed at helping marketers and sales enablers build, streamline and enhance their strategies to drive revenue.


Whether you’re looking to fine-tune your processes or understand why your sellers struggle to perform, Forrester's blogs are a must-read.


What does it offer sales enablers?


When diving into these sales enablement blogs, you can expect to find comprehensive market analyses, data-driven insights, and actionable advice. These blogs are contributed by tenured professionals and experts in marketing, sales and sales enablement, providing readers with well-researched, current information and practical solutions to problems you might be facing.


This blog covers topics ranging from optimizing sales processes and improving seller adaptability to leveraging technology for better sales outcomes.


Why should you read it?

Forrester’s blogs are a good resources for any sales enablement professional looking to stay informed and continuously improve their strategies to stay on par with industry standards.


Their expert advice and ideas will help you equip yourself with information that will help you drive your sales team’s success.


Who should read it?


Forrester's blogs are especially beneficial for Sales Enablement Managers and Sales Trainers looking for deep insights and data-driven strategies to enhance their existing plans and training programs.


Top Picks from Forrester:


1. How Quickly Should a Sales Rep Be Onboarded?

2. Why Can’t My Sellers Adapt More Quickly?



2. HubSpot




If you’re an absolute beginner trying to make sense of the whole sales enablement world, HubSpot is where you should start. Renowned for its comprehensive and fairly simplified resources, their blog will equip you everything you need to get a solid footing in sales enablement.


What does it offer sales enablers?


HubSpot’s resources are not only extensive but also well structured and easy to consume. They aim to make complex concepts easy to understand. The best part, however it, you can experience a well-structured learning path designed to take you from novice to knowledgeable professional. Here’s what they have to offer:


  • Their Sales Enablement Certification Program walks you through the basics of sales enablement, covering everything from its core principles to effective implementation strategies. The certification is structured in a way that will allow you to apply what you’ve learnt to real-world scenarios, ensuring you gain practical, actionable skills.


  • HubSpot’s blog offers an extensive collection of articles that cater to different levels of expertise, covering everything from basic concepts to advanced discussions. This makes it easy for beginners to build their knowledge incrementally. Their range of topics include everything from the fundamentals of sales enablement to in-depth analyses of trends and best practices.


  • HubSpot’s extensive sales enablement reports offer comprehensive insights and data-driven analyses that can help you understand the current state of sales enablement and identify areas for improvement in your processes.


Why should you read it?


The structured learning paths, practical certification programs, and in-depth reports ensure you gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. HubSpot’s beginner friendly content makes complex topics manageable, allowing you to progressively build your knowledge base and apply it effectively to real-world scenarios.


Who should read it?


HubSpot's resources, including their certification program and beginner-friendly blogs, are perfect for Sales Representatives and new Sales Enablement Professionals who are just starting and need a comprehensive introduction to the field.


Top Picks from HubSpot:


1. What is Sales Enablement?

2. Sales Enablement Training

3. Top Sales Challenges & How AI Can Power Your Sales Enablement Strategy


3. Sales Enablement Pro


sales enablement pro


Sales Enablement Pro is an amazing community built specifically for those in the sales enablement field. Their resources cater to both beginners and seasoned experts. However, it’s particularly beneficial for professionals looking to deepen their expertise and expand their network.


What does it offer sales enablers?


  • The platform provides a range of courses designed to improve your skills and knowledge. These courses cover topics ranging from foundational concepts to advanced strategies, so you can take your pick based on you level of expertise or need of the hour. 
  • Their extensive collection of articles written by industry experts cover latest trends, best practices, and out of the box strategies in sales enablement.
  • For those who prefer learning on the go, Sales Enablement Pro's podcasts feature interviews with industry leaders who share their experience, learnings and insights.
  • Sales Enablement Pro’s Slack Channel gives you access to is their vibrant network of professional who share knowledge, ask questions, exposing you to different perspectives and expertise.


Why should you read it?


Sales Enablement Pro's resources allows you to stay ahead of industry trends and continuously upskill. Their extensive range of courses, articles, and podcasts caters to different learning preferences and levels of expertise, allowing for a comprehensive yet versatile learning experience. 


Who should read it?


Sales Enablement Pro is ideal for Sales Enablement Managers and Sales Trainers who are looking to refine their strategies, stay up to date with industry trends, and connect with other professionals in the field. Their comprehensive resources and active community provide an excellent platform for continuous learning and professional growth.


Top picks from Sales Enablement Pro:


1. The impact of enablement on sales productivity

2. Aligning your enablement strategy with key business initiatives


4. Gartner for Sales Enablement


gartner logo


Gartner is a renowned software review platform who’s research and analysis are a goldmine for sales enablement professionals seeking data-driven strategies, future-proof planning, and guidance on selecting the right sales enablement technology.


What does it offer sales enablers?


  • Comprehensive articles that cover current sales trends, best practices, and innovative technology solutions to help you stay informed and ahead of industry shifts.
  • Gartner’s Peer Insights is a collection of real-world case studies and experiences shared by sales enablement leaders across diverse industries. This offers invaluable practical knowledge and benchmarking opportunities.
  • Gartner’s webinars and conferences provides sales enablement professionals with opportunities to engage with industry experts and thought leaders helping you glean strategic insights into emerging trends and strategies for driving sales enablement excellence.


Why should you read it?


Data-driven Insights: Gartner’s insights are backed by extensive research and rigorous analysis, providing sales leaders with reliable data to inform their strategies and decisions.

Strategic Guidance: The strategic guidance offered by Gartner helps sales enablement professionals navigate complex challenges and optimize their enablement programs for maximum impact and efficiency.

Vendor-Neutral Perspective: Gartner maintains an objective stance, offering unbiased evaluations and comparisons of various sales enablement technology solutions. This vendor-neutral approach allows you to make informed choices aligned with specific needs and goals.


Who should read it?


Gartner for Sales Enablement is particularly beneficial for Sales Enablement Managers and Sales Leaders seeking data-driven insights and strategic guidance to improve their sales enablement processes and decisions.


Top picks from Gartner:


1. Sales Enablement Strategy

2. Sales Enablement Leadership Vision 2024


5. Sales Enablement Collective


sales enablement collective


Sales Enablement Collective caters to a broad community of sales enablement professionals, including newcomers, seasoned experts, and individuals aspiring to enter the field.


What does it offer sales enablers?


They have a wide range of content offerings including online courses that offer foundational knowledge of sales enablement principles, ideal for beginners and experienced professionals looking to deepen their understanding of sales enablement as a niche. 

Their regularly updated articles that cover a wide range of sales enablement topics provide insights and practical tips to enhance professional development. 

They also have engaging interviews with sales enablement experts and industry leaders exploring current trends, challenges, and innovative strategies in the field.


Why should you read it?


The variety in resources, from foundational courses to expert interviews, caters to all levels of expertise and learning styles. This comprehensive approach helps you build a solid knowledge base, stay updated on industry trends, and gain practical skills that can be directly applied to your professional endeavours.


Who should read it?


Sales Enablement Collective particularly benefits Sales Representatives looking to refine their sales techniques through courses and articles and Sales Managers looking for structured learning paths and community engagement to align strategies with industry best practices and trends.


Top picks from Sales Enablement Collective:


1. Why annual Sales Enablement Summits are your best investments

2. Equip, support, succeed: The ultimate guide to sales enablement tools | ebook


A little bonus: Sales Enablement Influencers


We thought it might be good idea to let you in on some of out favourite influencers  in the sales enablement space so you can stay on top of your game with all the latest happenings. 


1. Andy Paul


Andy Paul is a renowned sales expert and author, known for his insights on modern selling techniques and strategies.

LinkedIn: Andy Paul


2. Ben Cotton


Ben Cotton specializes in sales enablement and transformation, offering practical advice and strategies for sales professionals.

LinkedIn: Ben Cotton


3. Felix Krueger


Felix Krueger focuses on sales enablement technology and its impact on sales productivity and efficiency.

LinkedIn: Felix Krueger


4. Hanh Le Black


Hanh Le Black is a sales enablement consultant and advocate for effective sales training and enablement strategies.

LinkedIn: Hanh Le Black


5. Peter Ostrow


Peter Ostrow provides insights into sales effectiveness and enablement strategies, particularly in B2B sales environments.

LinkedIn: Peter Ostrow


These influencers are highly regarded in the sales enablement community. There’s a lot you can learn and improve from their expertise and experience.


Wrapping Up


Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, we hope this list helps you stay connected, learning from influential voices, and leveraging innovative tools so you can continually enhance your skills and drive your business to success.

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