SaaStrdocs is live!

Paperflite’s outreach initiative for SaaStr Annual 2018 is officially alive and kicking

January 17.2018 




We’re super-excited to announce SaaStrdocs, our project designed to give back to the SaaS community this SaaStr Annual, is officially up and running. 


(For those of you who haven’t been following the story so far, check out our earlier post.)

SaaStrdocs landing page


As we’ve mentioned before, as a fellow SaaS company, we’ve had the opportunity to attend a few similar events in the past. When we did, we realized that the immense amount of opportunity available during an event the size of SaaStr Annual is hamstrung by the limited time to actually explore all the opportunities available. 


With an event the size of SaaStr Annual - with over 10k attendees - it’s easy for your unique voice to blend in to the roar of the crowd.


But why blend in, when you were meant to stand out?


That’s why we built SaaStrdocs


SaaStrdocs, the marketplace designed exclusively for SaaStr attendees, allows you to showcase your services and offers, and get noticed by the right audiences. Your sales content, marketing collateral, and special offers are displayed where they will have the most impact, allowing buyers to browse through the options available, and discover the perfect solution for them. Expressing your interest is as simple as clicking “Connect” on the relevant card, and we’ll connect you both on email, so you can continue the conversation, and set up a face-to-face while you both attend the SaaStr event.

SaaStrdocs Collection


Another reason we’re proud of our marketplace is that it gives a fighting chance to other scrappy little startups, like us. We filter out the noise and flash and allow comparisons to be made on the value offered. As a result, the solution-seeker at the confab can make a more informed decision at any point of time during the month before the event, and for at least a week after. Now going to that snazzy stall with the whacky whatsits won’t really prevent you from finding the best deal for you; we take the pressure off and allow you to easily find the best service provider for you. So go ahead, spend a few minutes there, get that cool swag-bag - with SaaStrdocs, you’ve got plenty of time.

SaaStrdocs Discovery


So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a solution provider or a seeker, head on over to right now, and check it out. We’re sure you’ll love what we’ve built!


Of course, we’re also happy to hear from you at any time - just ping us on our dedicated 24x7 chat here.


Visit us at today, and start making the most of your time before SaaStr Annual right now. 

Strangers, no more!

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