How to let your content speak for you

A multi-step guide to engaging and nurturing your prospects with content

August 12.2020  10 minutes


Automated and generic messaging in place of personalized communication, Bitcoin miners and sales reps rampaging through LinkedIn and other social media platforms, blatant sales pitches that slap products and services on your face. 


Here's an actual representation of how annoying it is :


Enough is enough. 


It is time all of us started viewing our leads as more than just numbers we need to hit our quota.


As another offshoot to the global pandemic, the buyer’s journey like we know is changing, must we say significantly. 


To give a quick recap - a typical buyer journey looks like this:


buyer journey

via HubSpot


Today’s buyer is going to spend a lot more time in the Awareness and Consideration stages and is going to need more than make-believe testimonials and shiny features before he commits and makes the buying decision. 


How can you give the little nudge and engage these buyers who aren’t just there yet? 


Enter - Content.


Content is the single most important lever that keeps prospects engaged when they have a problem that needs solving, but they aren’t ready to make the purchase yet. But how do you create content that is sensitive to the current situation and at the same time talks directly to the buyer?


At Paperflite, we created a multi-step content delivery sequence that will guide you through your engagement with prospects, with Freshservice as the case in point to give you more context. 


This guide helps you understand the sequence of content that you should be sharing with your prospects and also lists down several examples you can seek inspiration.


Make Your Content Available Anywhere Anytime Any Device


Our collective mobility has taken a hit in recent times, but that doesn’t mean your prospecting efforts should, too :)


Please find the guide below:


digital selling 2020_how to let your content speak for you_Paperflite


We tailor-made these storyboards for Freshservice and would love to help you do the same for your brand as well.


Say hello by picking a time slot that works for you and we’ll be more than happy to help!



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