Partnership with MS Dynamics - Maximising Sales rep's Efficiency

Paperflite announces partnership with MS Dynamics - Maximising sales reps' efficiency and increasing deal win rates

February 14.2023  3 minutes


Paperflite announces partnership with MS Dynamics - Maximising sales reps' efficiency and increasing deal win rates


Paperflite, a leader in enabling go-to-market teams deliver world-class buying experiences, announced an integration with MS Dynamics, improving sales rep efficiency by arming sales teams with all the intelligence to move deals faster and improve deal win rates by providing high-performing content recommendations right within their workflow. 



With the new Paperflite-MS Dynamics integration, an entire instance of Paperflite is now made available within MS Dynamics, making Dynamics a single window for Sales and reducing the need to switch between multiple applications.



“In an age of disparate tools, Sales reps find their tech stack growing faster than ever. With our new integration, MS Dynamics will become the one-stop shop for all Sales reps, so they can manage, share and track content from within their workflow, without having to switch between multiple tools,” said Yega Kumarappan, CPO of Paperflite.



Improved sales win rates with contextual content recommendations

Sellers today lose a lot of time searching for the most relevant content to distribute to their prospect. With this partnership, Paperflite aims to increase the efficiency of Sales reps adding the Recommended Content feature to their workflows. 



“Paperflite’s AI analyses deal patterns and surfaces high-performing content that’s relevant to each opportunity - negating the need for sales reps to guess which content is best suited for a prospect. Less time wasted searching, means more time spent selling.” added Vinoth Kumar, CEO of Paperflite. 



Using data from similar successful deals such as the industry the prospect is in, the stage of the sales cycle, geographical region they operate from, and analysing buyer behaviour, the Recommended Content feature helps surface the exact content that’s needed after filtering through all the assets within their content hub, right within MS Dynamics.



The integration equips marketers with complete visibility into content performance, and how content influences sales, making it easy to attribute content to revenue, allowing teams to measure content ROI. 



About Paperflite


Paperflite is an end-to-end content management platform that empowers customer-facing teams to create, organise, distribute and track content. Its analytical engine tracks how buyers engage with content and provides insights into how content contributes to revenue.



Paperflite also enables teams to build hyper-personalised interactive content experiences at scale.



Some of Paperflite’s clients include Fortune 500 companies such as Service Now, CBRE, S&P Global, and Aflac.


About MS Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management software package developed by Microsoft focused on enhancing the customer relationship for any organization. It unifies customers and business data, relationships and workflows, all in a single cohesive business cloud.



Dynamics reduces complexity, brings new levels of efficiency, and cross-functional engagement, and enhances customer experiences.

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