For the Love of Notion

When we played host to Notion's Social Mixer

December 05.2022  3 minutes


For once in a really long time, we won’t just shrug our shoulders and follow it with a “meh, it was alright” if asked about our weekend. 


All thanks to Vensy Krishna, No-Code and Notion India Ambassador, for giving us the opportunity to play host to Notion’s Social Mixer!


Notion's Social Mixer hosted by Paperflite, a sales enablement and no-code interactive content creation software in Chennai


Vensy Krishna, No-code and Notion India Ambassador hosting the Notion Social Mixer at Paperflite in Chennai


The first of its kind in Chennai, this event brought together builders and no-code makers from across the city, where they bonded over Notion, no-code, and all things tech. 


Attendees at the Notion Social Mixer hosted at Paperflite, Chennai


As the evening progressed and the people in attendance had gotten their hands on the fun merch, Vensy showed us how individuals and businesses could employ Notion's full potential. 


The merchandise at Notion's Social Mixer hosted at Paperflite, Chennai


She also gave us a sneak peek into Notion AI and blew our collective minds! 


Like really. This was us all evening - 🤯


To put it in the words of one of the attendees, “we (Ab)Used it to pen love letters”, talk about Chennai’s celebrated culture, and dissect prominent films among other topics ;)


All in all, it’s safe to say that it was an evening that we’ll be talking about for a long time!


Attendees at the Notion Social Mixer hosted at Paperflite, Chennai


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