Learn from the Tap Dancer

by Yega Kumarappan

February 23.2018 


It was a cold Monday morning, typical of New York. I was shuffling to work. Everything seemed just the usual until I stepped out of the subway on 42nd street. I couldn't but help notice a tap dancer gearing up for his performance - I paused to see what was to come.

His day starts with pure uncertainty; Not knowing how much he’s going to make that day, the kind of people he’ll meet. Will he see school kids rushing through their day stopping by to stare at him in awe for how he makes music from his shoes?  take a selfie with a passer-by? get a compassionate hug from a fellow street artist? or will he meet a happy old couple enjoy his performance?

All this, while there is still a lot running in the back of his mind - bills to pay, family to feed, shelter, friends, health and the list goes on.

Yet, he has his routine filled with unbelievable energy, determination, and perseverance that where ever he may be - the subway station, random street corners or even the crazy times square! he’ll make you turn your head, and play a part in your “our very own interesting everyday” routine!

He’s selling something in the wild market - a space filled with strangers, indifferent and filled with minds on auto-pilot - not that any of them expect to see him. And in that strange scene, he’s confident he’ll sell himself - his dance - his energy - his ability to entertain you! That’s the art of selling!

Drawing a parallel: Content is everywhere, in everything we do - emails, documents, pictures, videos, blogs and more. Just that there’s a whole lot of them.

How will you place your content in that wild scene so you turn heads? Paperflite is the tap dancer for your content!

Take a closer look at the banner, he does turn heads - If you are a powerful observer, you’ll spot them!

Having shuttled back and forth in the buzzing NYC subway one cannot but fall in love with all that is around – It’s a reflection of the deep character and concentrated energy that defines the city and ‘our team’.

And there lies our inspiration to create our brand theme- The Tap Dancer.

Check out Paperflite to watch your content come alive with the tap dancer.

Strangers, no more!

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