Paperflite Holiday Social 2018 - A round-up!

Lights - check, Camera - check, Food - Check, Bar - check, Live music - check!

The floor had that rumble of a very special evening. An evening so important for all of us at Paperflite.

Don’t we all have those few amazing, special people in our lives, who we look back and thank at different moments. How beautiful would it be if we could meet all of them in person under one roof for one evening. This was one such evening for all of us at Paperflite. An evening where we hosted our investors, well-wishers and our heartbeat customers - There is this one thing in common - They truly believe in us and always hope the best for us!

Ok! no pressure at all (we tell ourselves!). Planning was pretty meticulous - There’s a certain culture that Paperflite stands for - we beat ourselves on pixel-perfection (shameless at that). So yeah! It wasn’t easy - Let’s begin with the valet for all those nice cars to land. Add some Jazz - I mean real Jazz - some live music around the corner. Nothing fills up the space like “hotel California”, "Free Bird" and "Hey Jude" . Mixes, Ice, and that fancy bottle-spinning bartender? yes we did. I’ll stop on that note :) And then some partylicious food. All set!

After spinning their heads orchestrating all the pieces together to perfection, the in-house team disappeared. Its time put on their best shoes and hats. Anddd there they come! As charming as they can be - “Suave” was the word.

Let the celebrations begin!

The floor livened up with every special guest walking in, one by one, there were more handshakes, hugs, more smiles and more joy. So much vibrance in so little time - it felt like the clouds were giving way.

See it to believe it! Here are few blips from the evening -


Our very own mini bar counter getting all professional


Bruschetta, Paneer Tikka Focaccia, Jalapeno Corn & Cheese toast and…… Hungry already!


Chalk Art – Yes, with our own two hands ☺


Add some life! - Music


The surprise packages. All the good stuff!

Time for the high point


Meet, Greet, Catch-up


Ting.. Ting.. Ting.. A 15-min standup about our amazing 2018


I believe I can fly


What’s going on there?


Lights on!


The Artist.


Smiles all around

A heart raising day coming to a close

shhh… there’s an after party.. Just that we don’t talk about it here


The Goodies


Part of the Paperflite Crew


A picture that speaks a thousand words


Saying Thanks our way

Thank you so much everyone for making our day! Well, actually making our whole year and more! Only until we write again about another supernatural year that is already in the making now!