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January 25.2018 


For those of you following the story so far, SaaStrdocs, our little side-project to give back to the SaaS community during SaaStr Annual, is up and about now. As you can imagine, we feel like proud parents, watching our toddler take its first few steps boldly into this world of opportunity! 


We’re also extremely happy at the response we’ve had from the SaaS community, with companies like Spark Chart and Freshworks having listed themselves and their offers on the platform, with more rolling out in the next few days. We’re especially pleased to see that many have made the extra effort to customize their collections to represent their own unique personality, and thereby make sure that they get the right kind of attention from those looking for solutions.


As a company, we pride ourselves on being available for our customers, and therefore, we’re happy to support you in setting up your showcase and promoting it to our extended network, as well. We firmly believe that your success is our success - that’s why, as a team, our KPIs directly relate to the number of views, connects, and ROI you get on the content you share.


Therefore, as you would realize, the success of the platform - for us - depends on both sides of the SaaS coin: those that provide solutions, and those that are looking to find the right kind of solution for themselves. It’s important for us to make sure that we do right by the partners who’ve trusted us with their content, and that we do everything in our power to make sure that SaaStr attendees looking for a specific solution that you provide find you easily, and are able to express their interest easily. 


Which is why it makes us extremely happy to see steady growth in the number of unique visitors that aren’t registered with us. Since our launch last week, our unique visitors have grown to over 1800,  and we’re expecting that number to only increase as SaaStr Annual nears. 


Of course, this is just the beginning - we hope to double those numbers this week, and double that again before SaaStr Annual actually arrives. Some might think that ambitious, considering how close we are to the big day, but we feel that if we don’t shoot for the moon, we’re never going to get anywhere meaningful. 


We’ll also follow up with both the connector and the connectee after the event to see what outcomes have resulted from our platform, and naturally, share that with you, dear reader, on this blog. 


(We’re keeping our fingers crossed, but we’ve got a pretty good feeling!)


If you’d like to take a look at the offers we have listed right now, head over to now, and find that perfect solution for you!

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