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February 15.2018 


It's February. The month of love. The engineering team at Paperflite have been at it the past two weeks heads down to roll out a set of features that'll help take your conversations a significant leap forward. Our engineering associate Jagan who burnt the midnight oil until yesterday is now happily spending his time with his valentine while we can enjoy the awesome work he has built for us. 


The core theme for this version of the release was - Conversations and Integrations. We wanted to ensure you get the most of the tools that you've already been using, only make it a tad bit more powerful now. 


So, here they are:


Start your conversations right when it is needed.


Paperflite now integrates with leading conversation chat providers- Freshchat, Intercom, and Drift! 


We ship a great piece of content. Then the wait begins. It gets more harrowing as the days pass. With Paperflite, you'd already been able to track when someone engages with your content. Now you can start talking to them right away!


Our integration now with modern messaging software gives you full control to keep the conversation going instantly. 


Once you share content with your audience, you can start engaging with them in a conversation right when they start reading and guide them forward to take the next best action based on what they liked and they didn't. 


No more guesswork. It's really that easy. 

Paperflite Integrations with other tools


It takes two to tango. So does winning deals.


Collaboration within teams to take drive winning campaigns and deals.


When you are working on a deal or running a campaign there are multiple teams that come together to make it work. And managing all of the documents staying current is a challenge. We wanted to make sure the teams focus only on creating the best content without getting lost in transferring different versions of documents back and forth and eventually ship something that ain't the right one. 


With collaborate feature for collections, you can start creating a storyboard for campaigns, deals or war rooms to start collaborating with your teams so you are always on top of the latest content and instantly ready to start executing the campaign.


Collaborate within the team


CRM Integrations:


Hubspot to the Marketplace


What's a sales team without a CRM! Some use this and some that. But one of our awesome customers (well, everyone is :) from Dubai was getting started on Hubspot and we needed to help them track all of their conversations and engagement within Hubspot, so today, we add one more to our market place- Introducing the Hubspot integration with Paperflite.


This is also a good time to remind- We went live with our personal favorite Freshsales (oops we said it : ) already a few weeks ago. So, if you've haven't been taking full advantage of that, now would be it.


Paperflite Integration with HubSpot

FliteView Experience made more awesome. 


It's not just about sharing content but also how well the experience is for the buyers when they engage with your shares. Our end-user facing landing pages have a new makeover with a great experience that is also finger friendly. The right aspect ratio auto-configured to the device they use!


That's it from the cockpit for now and if there is a feature you'd want us to add to help you stay awesome, give a shout and we are all ears for that!


Strangers, no more!

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