Content Completion, Immersiveness and the Science behind reading 

December 30.2022  7 minutes


What happens when you start to read? 


Imagine it as a piece of content that you’ve wanted to read for a long time and you finally get to read it. You start, go deep, get triggered by one word, go into dreamland, live in an alternate universe and go around visiting fantasies. 


THEN, you hit the ground hard. And when you do, you don’t even know where you took off from.


Is that a slight nod? 


Immersive Reading by Paperflite



We can sense that!


Don’t let that happen here, you. This article is created for you to not do that. 



While reading a piece, be it a sought after content or just a small case study or a listicle, the mind wanders. There are distractions always present all around you. It is a struggle to get rid of them. When you are distracted as a reader, you try to create an atmosphere where you can focus, you seclude yourself and create a space for yourself.


But, why is this on a reader? Shouldn’t content makers create a copy so engaging with an experience that is not possible to divert from? 



Here is where the 



Perspective shifts


The perspective shifts when creators concentrate on building an experience for the reader. A consumer wants to read compelling pieces that offer constant information that they had no clue about, they want to be challenged. Long boring articles that were just created for the sake of it have no value anymore. Content with the right intent is what sells, that's what makes a reader ponder. 


Hooking a reader and achieving content completion is a whole other task. Creating engaging content is one part of the story, but giving them a reason to stay and read till the end is where a creator’s true power lies. When there is content everywhere, what makes you stand out? What changes the perspective? What makes a reader complete a piece? When a creator addresses this, do a slight dance, because, woohoo! Your copy is going to get you the big bucks. 



Why do we read?



We read, we consume content on a daily basis, we do it so much that life without content seems grim. And somewhere between this regular ritual, we have forgotten to classify and to identify what we exactly need. 


But amidst this chaos, how much do we remember? 


Reading something that actually clicks is the only piece that always sticks. Content must be the tool that takes you back, something that connects. No, we are not talking about philosophical writings, but about every piece of content ever created. Be it a novel, a billboard copy, an article about the most boring topic, we only get hooked when it makes you read further. 


Coming to the science behind reading, different styles of reading create different patterns in our brain. Can we speak specifically about the type of content you are consuming right now? Digital blogs, assets, collaterals and everything inside your electronic device that disconnects you with the world outside. There is a certain science that goes behind creating and consuming digital content. 


UI and UX play a major role when it comes to consuming a digital copy. When you open a web page to read, you see so many things - content, ads, recommendations, random pop ups asking you questions and so on. Hence, the moment a page opens up, the distraction starts. 


Here, only a clean viewer can offer maximum readability. When there are too many icons waiting for a reader to click on, distraction happens. UI plays a major role in optimizing a readers' attention. Too many buttons waiting to be clicked, can be compelling, making a rader fall off the wagon. 


Providing the best user experience that allows content completion is the developer’s responsibility. Neat UI with optimal white spaces offers focus and retards distractions. Search engines promote websites that meet maximum readability standards.  


But, like it always goes, research and training are what sets you apart. They are what makes you stand out from the billion other websites.


And it's always good to go by a great example, hmm, where do you find that? 


We might have something in store for you. 



What happens when we read? 



We know we’ve asked this question already but we haven't given you an answer. The numero uno thing that happens when you start to read are distractions. This is everywhere, be it from reading digital content or just picking up a book to read. Unless, a copy is so compelling, so overpowering, you don’t stick around. The knowledge gaining intent vanishes midway, and you lose focus. 


Immersive reading is when you get lost, in a good way, within the content. Go all in, get rid of diversions and gain that information. UX and UI are massive pillars in this area as well. Offering readers a neat readable and distraction free page increases traffic, but more importantly it increases brand loyalty.


A website that provides maximum readability is what gets the most clicks. Content is almost everywhere, so what stands out are the ones that make an impact. 


But how can a website or a software do it? 


Okay, ahem, we might have something in store for you. 



Creating reading experiences 



People no longer seek just content, they seek an experience. A reader doesn't want to spend time on a document unless it is engaging and power packed with information. Crafting content that literally transports them or atleast takes them to content completion is what gets picked, liked and shared. 


Boring PDFs are long gone and interactive content is here to st(l)ay.  Be it a presentation, an informational document, an article or any other form of content, the main reason it was created is to impart knowledge. But why should it be just that? 


Building interactive experiences helps readers understand and complete a piece. This encourages dynamic readability. It propels content closure. When creating a copy, you first ask yourself, why is this being created and what is this trying to accomplish. When you have the right answers, you go ahead and start writing. 


We are telling you to do a bit more here, ask, how is the reader going to perceive and read this? How can this copy become an experience? Ponder and arrive at an answer, that answer is what makes all the difference.  


To make your work easy, we might have something in store for you. 


Brand neutrality is key when it comes to a business. It makes you consistent but more importantly, you are showcasing yourself to a consumer constantly. Having the logos, the font, the tone and the message come across in every piece is core to constantly maintaining neutrality. When this is guaranteed, everything else falls into place.  


Paperflite’s upgraded Asset Viewer guarantees just that. It understands the science behind reading, it adapts, it allows content completion, it offers dynamic readability all while maintaining brand neutrality.  


Strangers, no more!

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