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January 03.2018 


SaaStr Annual is just around the corner, and we’re super excited! Over the last 3 years, the event has grown massively in size; from a respectable 2,000+ participants in 2015 to the whopping 10,000+ participants expected this year. The event has become so impactful that even the number of speakers has grown from 150+ in 2016 to 250+ this year. That’s a bump of over 60% - just in speakers!


Growing 5x over the course of 3 years is no small feat for an annual event, and it only goes to show the value that SaaStr Annual provides for all its participants. With over 10k SaaS founders, VCs, and executives attending, it’s a potential goldmine of opportunity for both SaaS providers and solution-seekers!


Having participated in other confabs in the past, we realize the effort that goes into preparing for an event of this scale, and the pressure of making the most of this opportunity is immense. And we also realize the agony of coming out of the event and discovering that there were opportunities that we didn’t tap, or that we just didn’t have the time to connect with some of our targets.


That’s why we decided to change things.


Enter SaaStrdocs.


We wanted to give something back to the SaaS community that has given us so much. Our experiences in the past taught us the value of making sure you've noticed, and that’s inspired us to create SaaStrdocs.


SaaStrdocs is the solution for all your SaaStr Annual needs. SaaStrdocs helps you put yourself out where you’ll be noticed. It lets you both showcase your content, and connect your solutions with the right customers so that you get the most out of your investment in the event.


SaaStrdocs is a free marketplace that we’ve built for SaaStr Annual participants that showcases the best SaaS offers available during the event.  Through the marketplace, we help connect solution providers with solution seekers and facilitate simple and easy connections, based on real value.


Simply publish your event content and special offers on the marketplace, and be discovered by the right people in no time!


Currently, we’re open for pre-registration – visit our website here to sign up today, and get notified when we’re going live. We’ll also help you set up your content so that you display your solution in the best way possible.


Setting up

Once you register, setting up is super-simple. Here’s a quick checklist of everything you’ll need:



Your content represents your quality and your aptitude. And by understanding how your content is engaged with, you better understand the ROI you can expect from your content. Put content of all types and sizes together in your unique showcase, and let solution-seekers know what makes you special.


Highlight the special deal that you’re offering during SaaStr in a single statement, and make sure that visitors know what to expect from you.


Make sure to update your profile pic so that interested seekers are able to put a face to the offer, and better engage with you.


Putting the company logo in your showcase helps strengthen the association with your offer and your value, and ensures that you occupy unique space in your prospect’s mind.


Customize your showcase with an attractive banner, and make sure that it communicates your brand’s identity. (1024x400px recommended.)


And that’s it – you’re all set to take your first step towards enhancing your SaaStr experience! If you have any questions, feel free to ping us through our 24x7 chat window


Visit to pre-register today, and you’ll get unparalleled support in setting up your content and making sure that your showcase presents your brand the best way possible.

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