The Ultimate Guide to Creating Marketing Collateral

All that you wanted to know about creating and distributing marketing collateral.


Ahoy there! Welcome aboard to the most extensive and detailed guide on marketing collateral available today. This guide is replete with awesome examples and immediately actionable ideas that you can implement in your company - to drive higher engagement levels for your marketing collateral, to build a following, to drive traffic to your website, and to drive sales. 

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Today, you, me and whom we will henceforth refer to as the “modern customer” is a lot different from the one who existed just 10 years ago. We expect products to be delivered faster, tailored to our expectations, a flawless user experience and more. This expectation now is no longer a luxury but table stakes for businesses to retain customers.

Now, which team within the business is responsible to build a strategy that appeals to different segments of the buyer audience, their varied interests and execute them to perfection?

Why, marketers of course.

From lead generation to revenue generation and more – marketers are expected to take on newer roles than ever before. They are now responsible for actions and outcomes that have arisen only in the last decade or so.

The emergence of the gig economy, the explosion of the SaaS product landscape, the upsurge in social media platforms and the entry of millennials in the workforce have resulted in the changing contours of the modern marketer’s role.

Compare this with the concept of 4Ps of marketing – price, product, promotion and place. The 4Ps meant that if you put your product in the hands of your customer at the right price, at the right time and right place, you are most likely to come away successful. However, while that concept still holds true, it is just not restricted to the 4Ps anymore. If anything, the 4Ps principle has been given a new twist. As a result, marketers have had to come up with novel ideas to generate sales.

Take IKEA’s example. In 2012, the home furnishings retailer distributed boxes to Montreal residents, who moved to a different location each year on July 1. People who picked up these boxes were offered discount coupons to decorate their home. The company’s efforts were well rewarded as it reported a 2% growth in same-store sales.

Marketers today find themselves in the midst of an upheaval like never before. Every layer of the customer base is now segmented. Marketers are now rethinking their strategy about marketing their product to the modern-day customer.

But, what enables modern marketers to market their products to the modern customers effectively? What helps them stand apart from their competition? What makes prospects choose their product/service?

The answer: Custom Messaging That Each Unique Buyer Can Relate To. The backbone to getting that right is MARKETING COLLATERAL.

In this Ultimate Guide to Creating Marketing Collateral, we will talk in depth on all that you need to know to know about marketing collateral including:

  • The definition of marketing collateral
  • What does it take to build a practical marketing collateral strategy?
  • Understanding the different types of marketing collateral
  • How do you come up with ideas for marketing collateral?
  • Distributing marketing collateral
  • Measuring the effectiveness of marketing collateral

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